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Our Managers Created a Quick Top 10 List to Eliminate Homeowner Apathy

A 2023 State of the Industry Report from CINC Systems states that Board Members, Association Managers, and Industry Vendors believe Homeowner Apathy is the largest threat facing all community associations today. For many reasons, we agree with that statement, so our managers sat down and created a list of ways to eliminate homeowner apathy through community engagement.

1. Establish Open Communication Channels

2. Host Community Events

3. Create Volunteer Programs

4. Utilize Online Platforms

5. Foster Neighborhood Watch Programs

6. Support Local Businesses

7. Develop Special Interest Groups

8. Involve Youth and Families

9. Enhance Shared Spaces and Amenities

10. Collaborate with Local Organizations

Want to discuss implementing specific solutions for your community. Give us a call or email.

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