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Monthly HOA Management

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Full-Service Management Details

  • Advise the Board of Directors on all matters related to the HOA.

  • Assist in the election or re-election of Board Members.

  • Serve as primary contact for homeowners as well as the Board of Directors.

  • Assist the Board of Directors in creating / updating / enforcing the Rules and Regulations and/or Declaration and By-Laws for your Association.

  • Facilitate move-in / out of homeowners.

  • Organize and attend quarterly Board meetings along with preparation of official minutes.

  • Prepare and fill out all Condominium Questionnaires Disclosures and Paid Assessment Letters for sales, refinances, and prospective buyers (at a cost to the seller).

  • Visit the property periodically for general building / grounds inspection.

  • Ensure that all fire extinguishers, elevators, backflow prevention devices, boilers, and alarm / sprinkler systems are tested annually.

  • File Annual Report (if applicable) and any legal permits on time.

Financial Management Details

  • Collect all assessments and enforce any late fees as outlined by the Association’s governing documents.

  • Review and pay all of your Association’s bills / invoices.

  • Handle all delinquent accounts promptly and place into collections if necessary.

  • Assist in the preparation of annual budget.

  • Facilitate special assessments in the event of unexpected expenses or reserve replenishment.

  • Work with your insurance carrier / agent to submit any claims for the Association.

  • Upload financial reports and statements to Association web portal.

  • Facilitate the filing of the tri-annual property tax appeal for residents in order to lower the assessed value of their homes, lowering their property taxes.

  • Assist in the filing of corporate taxes by compiling and providing complete financial information to the Association’s accountant in order to file annual corporate tax returns (if applicable).

Suburban Homes

Technology Service Details

  • Provide the Association with a web portal where we will upload documents such as Meeting Minutes, Governing Documents, Insurance Policies, Budgets, etc.

  • Allow homeowners to access their account information, maintenance requests and other Association documents via the web portal.

  • Allow Board members to access financial reports and bank statements for the Association as well as view pdf copies of all paid invoices via the web portal.

  • Online and automatic payment options are available to all homeowners.


We will work with you and your Association during the initial turnover process in order to help you gain a general understanding of the management and Board of Directors’ responsibilities and procedures.

As soon as we commence management, we will begin to compile alternate quotes from other vendors, including established relationships that we already have with many vendors and contractors who bend over backwards for us.

Your Association can use our comprehensive web portal as a medium for communicating issues and notices related to emergencies and general announcements.

100% transparency. Board members have 24/7 access to the Association’s financial information, and all unit owners have 24/7 access to their account information via their web portal.

Aerial View of a Suburb

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