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Future-Proofing Your HOA: Planning Ahead for Service Needs

As we approach the month of July, it presents an excellent opportunity for your Association to take stock of your service needs, review the job scope of your current services, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of your service providers. By dedicating this time to assessment and planning, you can ensure that you make informed decisions for the upcoming year. Here are eight important points to consider:

1. Service Needs Assessment: July is the ideal month to evaluate the service needs of your Association. By now, you are deep into the season and have likely identified any gaps or areas that require implementation or improvement. Based on this assessment of your services, you can make informed decisions about your future needs. It is essential to consider if the services provided are still necessary or if there are alternative solutions available that might better meet your community’s needs.

2. Job Scope Review: Carefully examine the job scope of your current services. This is the document used to bid services and hold contractors accountable for their work. Evaluating your service needs and providers in July allows you to plan your budget effectively for the upcoming year. This proactive approach ensures that you allocate your financial resources wisely and prioritize services that truly benefit your community.

3. Service Provider Evaluation: It's crucial to evaluate your current service providers' performance to ensure that they are meeting your expectations and contractual/job scope obligations. By conducting this evaluation, you can assess their effectiveness and determine if it is in your best interest to continue with them for the upcoming year or to perform a comprehensive bidding process. It's important to develop strong relationships with your service providers. July presents an opportunity to communicate openly with them, addressing any concerns, and working together to improve the quality and efficiency of the services they offer.

4. Seeking Community Input: Want to increase transparency and community involvement? Try to gather input from residents at your next community meeting regarding their experiences with your current service providers. You can invite suggestions and feedback to gain a broader perspective on the effectiveness of the services rendered.

5. Preparing for Bidding: August will mark the time for bidding services. Service providers are looking to secure their clients for next year so you have more options and more leverage by starting the process early. By utilizing July to refine your service needs and review the job scope, you can create comprehensive and accurate requests for proposals (RFPs) for potential service providers.

8. Transparency and Communication: Finally, it's essential to keep your community well-informed throughout this evaluation process by keeping them updated following each meeting with your “post meeting newsletter”. By maintaining transparent and proactive communication, you can instill confidence in your decision-making process and ensure that everyone is aware of the steps being taken to enhance the services provided by your community.

I encourage you, as the esteemed Board, to spearhead this effort and ensure that the necessary board or committee volunteers are informed to address each aspect highlighted above. By dedicating July to these important tasks, you will be well-prepared to make informed decisions, refine your service offerings, and improve the quality of life for all your residents.

by Arnold Barzak | Capital Property Solutions

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