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End of Service-Life STRATEGIC PLANNING for Shingle Roofing Systems


Product Costs Trend in One Direction - Up All data confirms that manufacturing costs go up at an average inflation rate at best, but can spike with recessions, pandemics, and surges in crude oil prices. The graph above shows the tripling of production costs

for shingles in the last 20 years due to these factors. Many factors can drive prices up but nothing - not even drops in oil prices can bring prices down over time.


• There is no going back in time so the best price on products is NOW. A large proportion of the price of a new roof goes to product costs. This cost is the backbone of the estimate.

• Shingles with fewer service-life years remaining, that have average to high annual maintenance costs, won’t reconcile a better spend than replacement NOW.

• Roofing systems on the verge of aging-out are not only at the whim of failure from mother nature, but also a hike in replacement cost if put off longer than NOW.


When to Replace Roofing Systems As shingles age and weather in the Midwest, many

factors can play a role in service-life expectancy; product quality, attic ventilation, hailstorms, windstorms, snow, humidity, foot traffic, and tree canopies. Starting at 12 to 14 years after installation, a commercial roof should be inspected bi-annually to

best estimate its remaining years.

What We Look For, Why, and What it Means:

• Granule Loss – As the layer of protective shingle granules dislodge, they expose the asphalt to destructive UV rays. When we see shingles are depleted/brittle it is time to replace them (below).

• Damage – Fire, rot, wind, and hail damage can all be reasons for roof replacement but only a professional can determine if full replacement is the best course. A proper assessment should always take place, so rush decisions don’t have a negative impact (Ex: Wind event looks barely cosmetic, and the roof deteriorates exponentially).

• Age – Can be both noted and seen visually. As a rule of thumb, a commercial roof should never exceed its warranty years.


End of Service-Life Strategic Planning
Download PDF • 3.67MB

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