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9 Must-Dos for a Thriving Community Association in the New Year

As the new year begins, it's the perfect time for

Community Associations to take stock of the past year

and make a plan for the future. Whether your community

is large or small, well-established or just getting started,

self-managed or professional managed, there are

certain key tasks that will help ensure your community

is running smoothly and effectively. In this article, we'll

outline the top 9 things your board should do in the

coming year to create a thriving community and

enhance property values for all.

1. Review your governing documents and handbook to

ensure the rules are fair, reasonable, and


2. Review your budget and establish a plan for

completing your maintenance and improvements to

common areas. Creating a calendar of events to

share with your community members will

3. Update your communication plan so you effectively

share updates with homeowners. It is encouraged to

hold regular meetings for owners to attend and to

publish minutes shortly after meetings occur.

4. Increase transparency by sharing more association

records and financial documents with owners. When

owners have access to information about how their

association is being run, they are more likely to feel

confident in the decisions being made and more

likely to support the board.

5. Draft a policy and process to address and resolve

conflicts and complaints in a timely and professional


6. Work with the community to identify and address

any safety concerns. Many associations are located

within a jurisdiction that provides free support from

local law enforcement.

7. Foster a sense of community and encourage

homeowner participation by creating a calendar of

community events that will take place throughout the


8. Actively seek out opportunities to improve the

neighborhood and enhance property values. Real

estate sales professionals living in your community

are great resources for help.

9. Meet with your insurance agent to ensure you are

maintaining proper insurance coverage for the

community and common areas.

New Year, New Goals: How to Set Effective

Goals for Your Association Board

It's a great time to set goals for your association board.

Setting goals can help your board focus its efforts, stay

on track, and measure its progress. Here are a few tips

for setting effective board goals:

• Be specific: Vague goals like "improve the

community" are difficult to measure and work

towards. Instead, try to set specific, actionable goals

that are clear and easy to understand. For example,

"install a new playground in the community park by

September" is a specific goal that can be easily

tracked and measured.

• Make them achievable: It's important to set

ambitious goals, but it's also important to make sure

they are realistic and achievable given your HOA's

resources and limitations.

• Review and adjust: As you work towards your goals,

it's important to regularly review your progress and

make any necessary adjustments. Communities are

ever changing, so there are times when you must

redirect your efforts and postpone certain projects.

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