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6 Tips for Better Email Communication

Communication through email for you Association

business is very effective for getting results without the

difficulty of getting the Board together for a meeting.

Follow these six steps to make your email

communication better.

1. Think before hitting Reply All instead of Reply

When only the sender needs to know your thoughts,

don’t click Reply All which includes all the respondents.

2. Don’t add new information to a current email

thread, send a new email

It gets confusing for readers when emails don’t match

the subject. When you want to add a comment about a

new issue, don’t reply to an email with the new

information. Instead, start a new email with a matching


3. Don’t get personal in the email

It is important to remember that your Board emails

should be professional. Keep your personal comments

out of your emails by sticking to the facts of the situation.

4. Give clear direction

Emails can be confusing when they don’t contain clear

and easy to understand directions. Make sure to state

precisely what you are wanting, such as a vote for an

issue, a maintenance issue to be resolved, or if you are

just wanting to pass on information with no action to be


5. Save your Board emails

Create an electronic folder in your email program to

save your Board emails in one easy to use location. This

is helpful when you need to refer to a document that was

attached or review a prior email to confirm action steps.

6. If you need responses to multiple questions,

number the question

Numbering the questions makes them stick out. This

eliminates getting email replies without all of the

questions being answered.


Articles of Incorporation: Your association should be

registered as a non-profit corporation with the Ohio

Secretary of State. If it is not OR if your status is inactive

you could be PERSONALLY liable for actions of the

association. Check your status at

Accounting: Since your association should be

registered as a non-profit entity, it is required to file a

federal tax form.

Though you are generally not required to pay taxes, if

you get cable service income, funds from the sale of

goods or easement access, etc., you may be required to

pay taxes on that income.

Have you ever our association, and

board, protected by the proper insurance, are we saving

enough money in our reserve account to fund our

association capital maintenance (hint: It’s more than

10%), does our handbook contain the information and

details necessary to lead our association in the right


All these questions can be answered in less than 2

hours. Find out more by contacting us at

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