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Highly Rated Columbus
Condo & HOA Management

How We'll Help With Your
Condo & HOA Management Needs

Condo & HOA Management

With over three decades of experience in residential property management services, we have an impressive portfolio in the Columbus and Central Ohio market.

Financial Services

Capital Property Solutions' primary goal is to maximize the returns from your investment. We're here to help you reap the rewards that you deserve. 

Wide Array of Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services from janitorial to landscaping. As well as any other specialized services that you require.

What Sets CPS Apart From the Rest?

We Create Customized Solutions for You

At Capital Property Solutions (CPS), our primary goal is to help associations establish stronger foundations. We assist associations by enhancing their communication and improving transparency via creative initiatives. 

By analyzing your Association's background, we develop tailored solutions that result in long-term growth. 

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We Care about Your Property

Repair issues can occur at any time of the day. And finding good help can be challenging. But you don't need to worry about maintenance issues any longer because we're here to help!


Our qualified professionals are available around the clock to promptly deal with maintenance issues. No matter the extent of the problem. So rest assured, your property is in good hands. We take pride in keeping your property safe and well-maintained.  Let us do the heavy lifting! While you focus on what's important to you. 

We Have Property Management Acumen

Our business expertise is second to none. We have an impressive wealth of serving clients in the Ohio market. We provide a full array of property management services including maintenance, financial management, and marketing.

Our approaches are innovative and aligned with our clients' varying needs and budgets. So whether you're struggling with finding quality tenants or conducting inspections, we're here and available to help you.


We Love When Our Clients are Happy!

Let's add you to the list!

Annamae Mckerns

Since CPS took over the management of Graystone Manor Condo Community, all services have improved. CPS is very responsive, keeps owners and renters informed and keeps the safety of the community in mind. Keep up the good work CPS. I appreciate you so much!

Providing more communication and transparency

Accurate financials and strategic planning

Want to make our residents proud

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More About Capital Property Solutions

Capital Property Solutions is a Principal-based company with over 32 years of property management experience in the Columbus and Central Ohio region. This means that an experienced, local, and highly qualified senior manager oversees your property on a day-to-day basis. Our front office and maintenance associates work to keep owners satisfied and proud of their community.

When contracting professional Property Management services for your residential properties you should be confident that your property is being managed with an investor-owner mindset. CPS works to preserve and protect your real estate assets while continuously striving to increase your revenue and return on investment rate. Contact Capital Property Solutions for a free, friendly, property review, or for new ideas on property management and reducing costs.

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